A mini album released by Modest Mouse in the fall of 2001 on Epic Records. Four the eight tracks from Everywhere were previously released on last year's Night on the Sun EP which was available on vinyl only. "I Came as a Rat" is a remix of a track which was previously released on last year's LP The Moon and Antarctica. The remaining four tracks are new studio recordings. The reviews of this EP have been mostly negative. The consensus is that this album is the flotsam and jetsam of their recordings from the past year with two great tracks sandwiched between the filler(the two great tracks being "Night on the Sun" and "You're the Good Things").

Track listing:
1. Willfull Suspension of Disbelief*
2. Night on the Sun*
3. 3 Inch Horses, Two Faced Monsters
4. You're the Good Things*
5. The Air
6. So Much Beauty in Dirt
7. Here it Comes
8. I Came as a Rat(Long Walk Off a Short Dock) *

* Originally released on the Night on the Sun 12"

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