Eight song EP released by the Beastie Boys in 1995, during the gap between Ill Communication and Hello Nasty. It was shipped in both CD and 12" vinyl format.

Aglio E Olio features no hip hop. It is, instead, a return to the Beastie Boys' roots as a hardcore punk band. Sadly, Kate Shellenbach does not appear; the EP is, instead, a collaboration with the band AWOL.

Some decried the disc as "self indulgent", which is always a difficult label to apply to musicians. Who, if not themselves, should a musician try to please? It's a no-win situation. If you're not being "self indulgent", you're "selling out". Regardless, the tracks are simply fun. After working in one idiom almost exclusively since the beginning of your high profile career, why not cut loose and throw yourself a party? Besides, if any Beastie Boys project were to be labelled "self indulgent" it should be Country Mike's Greatest Hits, and even that is still tons of fun.

So punk out with the Beastie Boys like you couldn't back in 1982. Spin this platter.

Track Listing:

Brand New
Real With It
Believe Me
Nervous Assistant
Square Wave in Unison
You Catch A Bad One
I Can't Think Straight
I Want Some

Grand Royal / Capitol Records

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