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"Guaranteed Every Time"
A record label started by Mike Diamond of the Beastie Boys around 1992. Check Your Head was the first Beastie Boys album released on Grand Royal. Some of the bands signed to Grand Royal include: Luscious Jackson, Sean Lennon, Ben Lee, Bis, At the Drive-In and BS2000.
The record company Grand Royal's logo is pretty funky, some stylized dice and playing cards, to give the effect of a game manufacturer. To complete that list of all of Grand Royal's bands, I offer the following list, complete as of July 10, 2001, presented in alphabetical order.


R.I.P. Grand Royal, 1993-2001

After eight years of "Guaranteed Every Time", Grand Royal Records has closed its doors forever due to "mounting debts, decreasing assets and exceedingly harsh industry conditions."

Beastie Boy and Grand Royal's CEO Mike D said in an official statement, "This is one of the most difficult decisions we’ve ever had to make. Over the years the Grand Royal family had grown to include some of the most talented musicians and staff in the business. It’s tragic that the same growth has also produced an overhead and infrastructure that can no longer be viable. Our intentions were always simply to create a home for exciting music and the people who were passionate about it. It really sucks that we can’t continue to do that."

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