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Futterman's Rule

"When Two Are Served, You May Begin To Eat"

-Gene Futterman

Futterman's Rule is one of the many funk-tastic instrumentals performed by the Beastie Boys. It is found on the Ill Communication album. It features some jammin' guitar parts, turntables, organ, drums and other way wicked percussion. Below is the spoken word before the instrumental.

The story behind the Futterman's Rule was told in the Grand Royal magazine, issue 2. Gene Futterman is a friend of Adam Yauch's father, Noel. Futterman was very into cooking and at dinner parties he always used to say "when two are served, all may eat". This attitude makes sure that nobody eats alone and the food is hot when you eat it.

"Time Is Runnin' I'm Passin' I'm Passin' And Runnin'
I'm Runnin' And Passin'
So You All Better Get Right At This Time
'Cause There Might Be No Next Time Ya'll"

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