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The Ex Models, a New York City band, straddle the line between post-punk and no wave music. Their songs are short, and spastic, yet delivered with an 80s pop sensibility. Vocals consist of clipped, chriped phrases, most just sinking deep into the sound of the thrashing, complex guitars. Every so often a few key words slip out above the music sticking deep into the mind of the listener.

Their songs are concerned with relationships, primarily. Not just between people (like the Talking Heads influenced "Girlfriend Is Worse", but between objects and people (Objects And Relationships). They wear their musical influences on their sleeves, songs calling to mind bands like Devo, Talking Heads, XTC, and Big Black. On stage they take on a new dimension, that of a unit barely held together at the seams. Members fall out into the audience, and throw themselves against the walls at the sheer terror of the sounds.

The Ex Models have released two albums, 2001's Other Mathematics, and 2003's Zoo Psychology. They also released a split EP with The Seconds. The CD version released in the US is titled, simply, the Pink EP. The UK version was released on white 7" vinyl, and is titled Wild Zoo Love.

The Ex Models can be found at http://www.exmodels.org

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