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A critically acclaimed ongoing comic book series from Marvel Comics. Conceptualised and scripted by Judd Winick, who also wrote several issues of Green Lantern.

The Exiles are a homage of sorts to two classic time-travelling sci-fi TV shows - Quantum Leap and Sliders. It chronicles the adventures of several Marvel characters (all related to the expansive X-Men Universe) from dimensions outside the main Marvel Universe, coming together to "fix" the continuity of other realities. Are we having fun yet?


The team is led by Blink, previously seen in the Age of Apocalypse storyline. The team always contains six members (all mutants) so while it has already lost two to death and unconciousness, two more have arrived to replace them.

So far, the roster has included:

  • Blink - Able to teleport herself and others to any location she can visualise, Blink finds herself taking the leadership role in this motley crew. Blink was returned to her own reality, but, after recent events, has returned to lead the Exiles once again.
  • Mimic - Arguably one of the most powerful members, he is able to replicate the powers of any mutant he comes into contact with. He is also in love with Blink and the two are an item. Mimic remains second-in-command of the team, though he tends to end up in leadership position when the teams splits up.
  • Morph - With the ability to become anything he chooses, Morph is sometimes more well-known for his very bad timing and over-the-top humour. He remains as a source of entertainment for the team, though he's seldom appreciated.
  • Nocturne - The daughter of Nightcrawler and the Scarlet Witch, she has superhuman dexterity, is a top gun pilot and also has the ability to possess others for short periods of time. Nocturne has since revealed the ability to fire "hex bolts", named after her mother's attacks, which are actually tiny portals to the dimension Nightcrawler teleports through. These projectiles are energy-based attacks which apparently tire her out. Nocturne was taken out of the group during its second visit to the "prime" reality.
  • Magnus - The son of Magneto and Rogue, Magnus' greatest power also became his greatest curse. Although gifted with the ability to control any metal, the irony is that anything he touches also turns into a lifeless chunk of solid steel (as with King Midas). Magnus was the team's first casualty.
  • Thunderbird - The team's first powerhouse as well as Nocturne's lover, Thunderbird became the team's second casualty when he went into a coma (and is likely brain-dead) after over-exerting his strength.
  • Sunfire - Replacing Magnus, Mariko Yashida is her dimension's Sunfire, mistress of atomic radiation. She is also revealed to be a lesbian. Sunfire has since died of asphyxiation after an attack by a Brood-infested Mimic.
  • Sasquatch - Replacing Thunderbird, Heather Hudson is her dimension's Sasquatch, with the ability to transform into the beast she's named after.
  • Magik - Replacing Blink, Illyana Rasputin is a cold, ruthless creature who has managed to get on the nerves of all her teammates in a short time. She may have magickal abilities, but she's just deadly with the sword. Illyana was murdered by Hyperion (a member of alternate-reality jumping team Weapon X.
  • Namora - Queen of Atlantis and replacement for Magik. Namora is proud and unflinching, but also emotionally driven and unused to being given orders. Nonetheless, her strength and flying ability is a valuable asset to the team.
  • Beak - A mutant from the "prime" reality and the replacement for Nocturne. Beak was a new student in Xavier's school before being unhinged from time and joining the Exiles. Beak's mutation results in a bird-like appearance with superhuman agility and rather limited flight. Beak is very concious of his apparent weakness with respect to his teammates.

Thanks to Unless for adding to the section on Nocturne and Thunderbird. Unless also notes "how incredibly fucking terrible Chuck Austen's issues have been", and advises "readers to stick to Winick's work."

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