North American version of the Abominable Snowman, the Yeti, in the Himalayas. Bigfoot.

Sasquatch is a native American word which means "hairy man". Its footprints measure somewhere between 40-55 cm (16-20 in). It has long arms, an ape-like face with a flat nose, and thick hairy fur. Sasquatch live in the caves and hidden valleys of Canada and the Northwestern US. Expeditions set out to search for Bigfoot have never found it, nor is there scientific evidence for its existence.

Bubbles, of the Trailer Park Boys has taught us to properly pronounce it Samsquantch.

A superhero created by John Byrne and published by Marvel Comics. Sasquatch first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #120.

Walter Lankowski was a student in college with a brilliant young student named Bruce Banner. The two often hung out together and discussed scientific theory. After graduation, the two did not keep in touch and it wasn't until a freak accident in the desert of the southwest United States, that Langkowski heard about Banner again. Banner was exposed to intense gamma radiation during a testing of a gamma bomb of his own design and transformed into the savage beast known to the world as the Incredible Hulk.

Langkowski, a former football player and now research scientist, believed that under controlled conditions that what happened to Banner would have a benificial effect upon a subject. This belief along with Langkowski's desire for the power Banner now had, led him to construct a machine that would expose him to a massive dose of gamma rays. Constructing is device in upper Canada at a research station, Langkowski used the machine one night and the result was that Langkowski was able to transform himself into a massive, orange fur covered, being with incredible strength. The fact that Langkowski's transformation had none of the usual factors of a gamma induced episode (green hair, green skin, green toenails, or the prediliciton to smash everything in sight) was explained away by the added influence of the aurora borealis.

Langkowski began a career adventuring becoming one of the founding members of Canada's superhero team, Alpha Flight. Langkowski began a relationship with one of his fellow members Aurora. During this time, Langkowski began to experience episodes of uncontrolled rage, in which he was extremely destructive.

Eventually, it was discovered that Langkowski's experiment] had actually torn a hole in the fabric of reality and allowed one of the Great Beasts, a group of powerful evil entities that had been imprisioned years earlier, to form a bond with him. This villain, the Great Beast Tanaraq, enabled Langkowski to take his form, though each time he did, Tanaraq gained more control. Eventually, Langkowski lost all control and Tanaraq went on a rampage that was stopped by Langkowski's fellow Alphan Snowbird. Snowbird killed Tanaraq's physical form, which transformed back into Langkowski's lifeless body.

Langkowski's soul had been set adrift in a mystic realm and his teammates travelled there, doing battle with the Great Beasts, to rescue his soul. When many of his teammates were struck down by their opponents, Langkowski used the energy of his soul to restore them to health. This sacrifice caused Langkowski's body to disintergrate, so he was forced to inhabit the mechanical construct called Box for a time.

Langkowski existed in the form of Box for a time until he realized that his metal form was putting a strain on his relationship with Aurora. Deciding to do something about it, he and Roger Bochs constructed a device to retreive a body for Langkowski to reside in. Unfortunately, the two's invention linked with Langkowski's old college friend Bruce Banner in his form as the Hulk. Langkowski decided that it would be better to pass away than to continue his existence as the Hulk and set his soul free.

For a time, Langkowski was believed to be dead, until he returned to save his teammates from their enemy Pestilence. Pestilence had taken over the form of Snowbird, who had died and during the battle, was driven from her body, while she was in the form of Sasquatch. Langkowski took over her body and was pleased to be back in mortal form until he discovered that when he returned to human form, he was female, not male.

Calling himself Wanda Langkowski, Sasquatch continued to adventure with Alpha Flight. He eventually with the help of the spirit of his former teammate Snowbird, was able to return to his male form and has been a member of Alpha Flight from that time forward.

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