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A Finnish TV program, originally on cable channel MoonTV and later also appeared in air channel Nelonen.

The basic idea of the show: Two guys do something that vaguely resembles extreme sports but is about million times more stupid. Jumping down from very high places (on ground and water), going downhill with limited-maneuverability vehicles (shopping carts, non-all-terrain-bikes, and such), get towed on a small kid's sled behind a car at over 100 km/h, shoot each other with fireworks, and that sort of stuff. They also review extreme sports-related videos and teach how to do relatively safe fun tricks.

Insane but interesting.

It's quite similiar to MTV's Jackass. However, they seem to keep the stunts within limits of good taste (seems that probably in most cases no outsiders got annoyed during filming).

The home page is at http://www.extremeduudsonit.com/, and they seem to have video clips there too.

(Somewhat related note: In honor of these daredevils, I made my own contribution to extreme sports by buying a PalmGlove - Palm PDA cover that really makes my Palm m100 look like unsinkable xtreem sportstoy. =)

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