Sports or recreational activities that are unconventional and dangerous. They provide thrills for their practitioners, and riveting entertainment for spectators.

If throwing yourself out of a plane at 5,000ft sounds fun, then extreme sports could be for you! Almost anything you can think of, there'll be someone somewhere who's already had a go.You may have heard of bungee jumping, hand gliding and kite surfing, but that's only the beginning...

If it's speed rather than heights that gets you going, there's BMX racing. It stands for Bicycle Motorcross and is growing in popularity. There's lots of clubs you can join to learn tricks like jumping and gate starts. Just take along your bike, a pair of gloves and long trousers for safety and they'll show you the rest. Pulling on your rollerboots might not sound trendy but inline skating (or "rollerblading") certainly is. In fact it's the fastest growing extreme sport at the moment. Unlike surfing where you need the beach, or bungee where you need the jump, this is one extreme sport you can do right outside your front door. Although it's massively popular now it's actually been around for some time. The first inline skate was built by a Belgian in the 18th Century!

Extreme sports are brilliant as long as you follow safety rules. To stay safe when you're inline skating for instance, just follow the rule of SLAP!

Skate Smart: always wear a helmet or knee pads

Skate Legal: obey all traffic rules

Skate Alert: don't go too fast

Skate Polite: skate on the right Adrenaline junkies always searching for an even bigger kick.

a report by Tony Webber

You can either follow the rules or have fun. Traffic rules suck i mean you look like a gimp with a helmet on. Fuck all the rules.

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