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Eyebeam is also the name of an excellent, sardonic, twisted, funny as hell comic strip. It was written and drawn by Sam (Sambo) Hurt, and originated (I believe) at the University of Texas at Austin, where Hurt was a student.

The strip starred Eyebeam, a law student at said university; his roommate Ratliff, an undergrad with no plan whose job was being the guy who turned up the volume at the TV station during commercials, and Eyebeam's girlfriend Sally. Also appearing are a host of other characters, such as IM4U the robot butler, J. Rodney (Rod) a large football playing rich kid, Hank the Hallucination, and Peaches (Queen of the Universe), one of Ratliff's nieces.

The strip was available in book form; the titles I can recall are:

...these are probably out of order. I strongly recommend this strip if you like surreal, funny and sarcastic humor. It's got all of that in spades.

Eye"beam` (?), n.

A glance of the eye.



© Webster 1913.

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