A style of martial arts from russia. Involves wrestling the opponent to the ground and turning them into a human pretzel. Just watch any ultimate fighting show to see it in action.

Also a chain of restaurants founded in 1957 by Sam Battistone and Newell "Bo" Bohnett. The name was a combination of their names "Sam" and "Bo".

The story of Little Black Sambo was written in 1899 by Hellen Bannerman, a Scottish woman, about an Indian boy who was chased by tigers into the jungle, and the tigers somehow turned into butter and melted, and Little Black Sambo used the butter on his pancakes. Sambo's used this imagery in their advertising and brand marketing--I mean, hey, they served breakfast. However, since it was "Little Black Sambo" and people who do such things aren't particularly careful about application of stereotypes the term "Sambo" had been taken and co-opted into a derogatory stereotype of African Americans in the US. Thus a source of conflict.

The last standing Sambo's exists in Santa Barbara, California. You can visit them on the web at www.sambos.com and buy some memorabilia if that's the message you want to send.

Sam"bo, n. [Sp. zambo, sambo.]

A colloquial or humorous appellation for a negro; sometimes, the offspring of a black person and a mulatto; a zambo.


© Webster 1913

Sam"bo (?), n. [Sp. zambo bandy- legged, the child of a negro and an Indian; prob. of African origin.]


A negro; sometimes, the offspring of a black person and a mulatto. [Colloq. or Humorous]


In Central America, an Indian and negro half-breed, or mixed blood.


© Webster 1913

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