The general name for the Minnesota cites of Minneapolis and St. Paul. They are called the Twin Cites because they are right next to each other, only separated by the Mississippi River.

The Twin Cities are actually a very nice place to live, save for all the snow; however, the winters over the last three or four years have been mighty weak comparatively. The music scene in Minnesota is awesome, lots of indies, lots of larger concert venues (though Dave Matthews hasn't been here in about 8 years >:( ) and lots of awesome coffee shops all over. The chic place to be in the area is by most, considered to be the Uptown area in Southeast Minneapolis, with many trendy restaurants, nice cars, and beautiful women.

The Twin Cities is also the name used by people who don't realize that there are actually two cities up here (and for those of you that don't already know, the capital of Minnesota is St. Paul, NOT Minneapolis (and yes, I have had people think the other way, as well as people who'd never even heard of St. Paul. Can you imagine?!?)).

The Twin Cities are a wonderfull and wonderfully mixed up locale. I like to compare it to the Nile River valley, a place of mystery, mad genius, and confusion.

For example:

Like the Nile valley, the Twin Cities are mixed up on the cardinal directions. Uptown is south of downtown Minneapolis and,(obviously!) downtown Minneapolis is north of the uptown neighborhoods. In anicent Egypt, the misconception was that south was north based upon the nature of the river(like all of their civilization it seems). Egyptians believed that all rivers flow north to south, but the Nile flows in the opposite direction, and the regions of Egypt were misnamed as such. Lower Egypt was the north half of the region and Upper Egypt was south. Bizzare!

The twin cities are located on the banks of a hot muddy river, also like the Nile valley.


The cities are populated by crazy sun and star worshiping nutcases who erect billion ton pyramids that perfectly align to the constelations and formulate pi with their facets. We then embalm our dead and hide them in the ground instead of in our amazing monoliths of creation.

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The "Twin Cities," Minneapolis and St. Paul, are the 2 largest cities in Minnesota. Known for music, snow, State Fairs and the Minnesota Vikings. The Twin Cities Metro Area spans out for hundreds of square miles, reaching from Chaska, Minnesota to Hudson, Wisconsin. Please /msg me with omissions and corrections!

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