At one time considered the best touring band in the US. They produced 7 albums before getting noticed with the song "Runaway Train". That album Grave Dancer's Union did very well, but their follow up Let Your Dim Light Shine didn't. They've since released one more album, Candy From a Stranger which was mostly ignored by everyone. Most of the lyrics are written by the lead singer Dave Pirner. For some reason I really loved the lyrics on Grave Dancer's Union and Let Your Dim Light Shine. They are probably the only two albums that both my girlfriend and I really like. There first 7 albums were basically the sort of rock that the Replacements and Husker Du created. With Grave Dancer's Union they switched to better lyrics and mostly slower songs that struck a cord with a lot of people. Here are the lyrics to my favorite songs:

Grave Dancer's Union
Somebody to Shove
Runaway Train
New World
Without a Trace
Keep It Up

Let Your Dim Light Shine
Promises Broken (My favorite)
Eyes of a Child
Tell Me When
Nothing to Write Home About
I Did My Best
String of Pearls

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