Good Charlotte, the band - consists of lead guitarist Benji, singer Joel, drummer Aaron, bassist Paul and 2nd guitar Billy.

Good Charlotte is also the name of their debut album.

They were known for the singleLittle Things” (said to be autobiographical) and their refusal to use last names. Identical twins Benji and Joel managed to differentiate themselves with brightly colored hairstreaks and noticeable weight differences.

This was a band a tween AND her mom could love when they were still just a local band. They were wonderfully down to earth guys, very free with the hugs, emails, IM conversations, photo ops and autographs for worshipping 12 year olds in their early years.

By 2002 Good Charlotte was no longer only a local band and are now hosting a show on MTV and not nearly as accesable to fans. This is understandable and all good for them but regretable in a personal way for us.

Ooooh, big time, made SNL April of 2003.

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