"Perhaps the smokiest Bar in Minneapolis, aside CC Club"

This drinking establishment on the SE corner of Lyndale and Franklin Avenues in the Uptown area of MPLS is actually three bars in one.

  • Mortimers - The second addition, famous for foosball, pinball, dank air and eclectic assortment of characters. The actual bar is square with awkward corners which jutt out making it difficult to order a drink, yet useful when the bar is crowded. The ceiling is brown cardboard tile, and the room expands into the original Olivers forming one expansive room.
  • Olivers - The original bar going back to the old speakeasy days. The bar exemplifies a time of quality craftsmanship of fine wood work and detail. The ceiling above the actual bar in an elevated nook (what must have been the living room of the original house) is an elaborate mosaic of stained glass lighted from above. The walls are forest green soft velvet decorated with pictures of the old Minneapolis and signs which express timeless notions.

    Beware of Pickpockets and Loose Women

    The ceiling in the front area below the nook is pressed tin (sharp contrast to the cardboard expansion of Mortimers) and four ceiling fans work in vain to displace the smoke. On the facade of this side of the building is a weathered sign of Wild West days which reads the words;


    The nook is the cozy part of the bar where you take a girl.
  • Gringos - The third and last expansion of the bar is a manifestation of Margaritaville. Seriously, the name says it all; fake plants, lizards painted on the wall in neon colors, you get the idea. However, the decor is a sharp contrast to the loud, heavy music played in this back bar and the unusually abundant amount of black leather and chains the clientele wears. There is an air hockey table back here and also a foosball table for those not wanting the competative annoyance of the Mortimers Foos. The bar is usually open Wednesday through Saturday to accomadate the larger crowds.

They serve food at Morts too... Some of my pals swear by the cheese burger, but I say eat at your own risk.

RACECAR can be found here on Friday nights pouring Summit down his gullet by the pitcherfull and playing foos.

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