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Soup Plus, located downstairs at 383 George St, just down from the Queen Victoria Building, at the opposite end to Townhall, is an intimate venue dedicated to jazz, and swing. Modest, self-effacing, and lacking pretension this old basement hideaway has been continuously operating in the city center for 25 years. It's atmosphere, similar to the small jazz clubs of Europe has always been a drawing card which keeps people coming back for more. If you're interested in some swinging tunes, moody blues, or state-altering jazz, then this little basement is definitely the place for you.

The home of amazing live bands 6 nights a week, technically Soup Plus is more of a live venue/restaurant than a pub, however the bar offers a wide variety of reasonably prices beverages. Soup Plus is fully licensed, and open Mon-Sat from 12:00pm to 11:59pm. Not many people realise, but as well as being an awesome venue for live music at night, it is also a quietly moody, and interesting place to have lunch, a mid afternoon snack or coffee with friends.

Soup Plus has been at the heart of the Sydney Jazz scene for as long as most people can remember. It continues to survive against the growing trend of older venue modernisation, and I hope it succeeds in doing so far into the future. The only modern change to this club is its requirement to follow the new smoke-free restaurant regulation, which maintains that smoking is not permitted in the main restaurant area of the Soup Plus.

Entry cost at night can range from $0 to $30 depending on the band performing. More than often this price includes a rather tasty meal, and is well worth it for a memorable night out. The menu provides a great selection of food, including vegetarian dishes for those non-meat eaters out there like me. Acts vary from traditional bands, to young bands, and big bands which are spread out over the week. Regular artists to the program include singers such as Marie Wilson. There is no set dress code for Soup Plus, so dress up or dress down, its up to you. It's the perfect place to kick off a big night off, sit back and chill out, or wind down after an early finishing gig.

I've had many great experiences listening to jazz, eating and drinking copiously within the belly of Soup Plus. I haven't in all my exploring found a place quite like it. So, any Sydney-siders who have yet to check it out Shame on you! And those of you who are located around the world who have yet to book tickets, and pack your backs for a flight to Sydney What are you waiting for?!!. Get snapping!! Mmmm. Live jazz, in a moody basement, filled with atmosphere, style and friendly people. What's better than that?! You can contact the venue for more details, gig listings, and information about group bookings...

Phone: (61) (02) 9299 7728
Address: 383 George St, Sydney, Australia, 2000

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