Small town in southeast Iowa. About 10k people. Resistant to reality due to the presence of a large number of practitioners of Transcendental Meditation (at last count about half the town). Home of Maharishi University of Management, or MUM (former known as Maharishi International University, or MIU). Previously home to a couple of large long-distance phone service resellers, one of which went bankrupt and was bought out, the other of which tried and apparently failed to become an international b2b dot-com. Also home to Books Are Fun (Reading's Fun until a conflict with Reading Is Fundamental), which was recently purchased by Reader's Digest.

60 miles south of Iowa City, a five hour drive from Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City, seven hours from Minneapolis/St. Paul. Rather warm and very humid in the summer, cold and windy on odd weeks in the winter. A much nicer place to live (IMO) than neighboring towns Mt. Pleasant and Ottumwa.

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