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Cels Piñol's twisted and engrossing universe. He has written a lot of comic books in that setting, and some other underground Spanish artists have done some stuff there.

Fanhunter is a big tribute to all the fans; comic-fans, otakus, role players, geeks, freaks et al. In a Star Wars/Blade Runner universe, the Rebellion fights the evil Alejo Cuervo, a tyrant that has outlawed comic-books, rpg's, rock music, action movies, sex and most other fun things in the universe. The fans struggle to get their fill of subculture and fight back using all their acquired knowledge from all those sources.

Some of the references Cels uses in his comics will be lost to non-Spanish fans, but he mostly uses classic action movies; he regularly draws from Alien, Blade Runner, Star Wars, Reservoir Dogs, Terminator and many more.

Main characters are:

Yeah, if you can get an issue, you'll want more. There is also an rpg, an official website (www.fanhunter.com, Spanish-only) and an announced computer game.

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