This album is not one of the actual Janis Joplin albums, but it's not a bootleg either. It appears to be a retrospective/rarities album, containing unique versions of tracks and one track, Harry, which I can't find elsewhere. I don't think it's even on the Rare Pearls disc.

It was released by Columbia Records in 1982; Columbia hold the copyright. Country Joe McDonald, frontman of Country Joe & the Fish and one of Janis' lover, writes the sleeve notes.

The track listing is as follows:

The title track is a very bluesy number, recorded with Big Brother and the Holding Company and written by Sam Andrew. This version was recorded at Winterland (one of the places they often played) in 1968. It can also be found on Live at Winterland '68 (a live Big Brother album).

Whoa-oh, the last time that I saw you,
You know you didn't say a word
And I knew, honey as I looked into your eyes,
My feelings had all been never been heard
Well I'm talking to you about love
Did you hear me? I said love
Yeah, because it's got to be such a long long long way from the dying,
From the night...

And I say don't say no no no to me no more
And I believed in you all the time,
Honey you know till I found out I was so wrong
Want to try and build a life with you -
I shoulda known it, guess I should've known it all along
Let me hold you just once more
And ask you just once more
Because it's got to be such a long long way from crying...
And honey I've been crying,
I got tears in my eyes...

But don't you know, when you love somebody it's so precious
Your beauty could never never never be had very cheaply...
No, no, no, no, no, no.

You're gonna have to pay your dues
And sometimes, honey sometimes you know you're bound to lose
But that's the way you gotta learn learn learn to love deeply...

And oh God I wish I could explain myself,
Because I know that it's my fault too
It's so easy to hurt you baby
It's so hard, guess it's hard not to do.

And I know, you've shown me a new life
And you'll always yeah you'll always be my friend
But I don't think that I can keep from trying...
And I've been trying
And I've been trying for you babe yes I have now

Well tell me tell me tell me
What will I do without you child?
I'm afraid I can't say
But I hope honey that when we'd remember
It'll be, Lord, it'll be such a sunny day

And now now now now goodbye
And I hope I'll see you sometime,
Don't be wary, everything's just fine
Babe but I don't think that I can keep from dying
And I've been dying,
I say now everyday I've died a litte bit baby
I say now every day I lose me
Some bit of my heart
And I've been lonely look around baby
I gotta find my baby gotta want him gotta need him baby
Keep my baby, talkin' bout my baby, keep my baby, whoa yeah my baby
I hate to leave you baby
I had to leave you darlin
I'd never hurt you babe
I did too you know
I gotta, got to, got to, got to,
Whoa yeah
I gotta leave you baby
I can't help myself
I gotta leave you baby
I can't help myself
Whoa, lord, lord lord lord
Whoa lord, lord lord lord.

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