'Farm Bureau' is actually a large collective (American Farm Bureau Federation) of smaller organizations (state 'Farm Bureaus' around the country) that has been designed to "implement policies that are developed by members and provide programs that will improve the financial well-being and quality of life for farmers and ranchers" (Mission Statement found at www.fb.com). In other words, it's a way for farmers/ranchers and their supporters to get together and decide what they think would be best for them to maintain their livelihoods. Members come from all fifty states and Puerto Rico. (Website information for each state can be found at www.fb.com.)

The benefits of such an organization are obvious. The national group as well as the state groups can lobby their local, state, and federal governments and provide arguments regarding legislature that affects the way they work and live. Current issues on the national level include the FTAA, the problems being caused by foot and mouth disease, and the energy crisis. The organization also serves to unite farmers and ranchers from all backgrounds and all areas of the state/country. Meetings between groups allow new ideas and positions on political issues to be brought from the local platform possibly all the way to the national platform.

Lots more information can be found at www.fb.com (American Farm Bureau Federation's official website).

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