One day, while listening to Fatboy Slim's Right Here, Right Now edibleplastic said, "hey, this might be cool with the lobby scene from The Matrix!" As it turned out, after only half an hour of trial-and-error, he was right. The thematic changes in the audio track fit suprisingly well with the action taking place. To get you started, look for these examples as you watch and listen:

Time   Event 
00:22  Neo opens his jacket to reveal weapons on the beat. 
00:38  "Send backup!", music changes. 
00:55  Trinity and Neo get ready, Neo takes out pistols,
       voice in music chants "Right here, right now..." 
01:08  First shot is fired as voice stops and bass kicks in. 

Play the song for about eight seconds before starting the lobby scene, if you're trying to do this at home with a DVD copy of The Matrix. We leave it to you to identify the other wonderful 'coincidences'. We've found more than 20; how many can you find? If you have a lot of time, you can try some other tracks by Fatboy Slim. Many follow the same thematic and timing pattern as Right Here, Right Now, and consequently go well with the scene. Some other tracks to try: The Beatles' When I'm Sixty-Four or Aqua's Candyman. Play the movie for about six and a half seconds before starting Candyman.

For those without so much free time, I've compiled movies of this combination in several formats (DivX ;-) ASF & AVI) at several different resoulutions. There's even a VCD format MPEG, playable by linux mtv users. Feel free to /msg me to obtain them.

Erik Fish reports that Jamiroquai's Canned Heat is another song that syncs in many places. adidas suggests Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman, which he saw demonstrated at a film workshop. Feel free to /msg me if you find any others.

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