Neo: Latin--"New"
Mr. Anderson: Anglo-Saxon "Andrew's Son"--however, as Andrew comes from the Greek "Andros" meaning "man," "Son of Man"

Neo Anderson: The New Son of Man--i.e., "the Messiah"

I only just saw The Matrix last night, and this came to me.

The acronym NEO is used by Microsoft to refer to New Employee Orientation, as in "NEO workshops". All new employees must attend one of these four-hour, 9 to 1 meetings on their first day of employment at Microsoft. They are held in on the main campus in Redmond.

During NEO the new employee or intern is introduced to company policies, systems and benefits. Breakfast and lunch are provided. New employees need to bring proof of employment eligibility if they have not yet provided such to their recruiter, as well as I-9 information. Interns and other employees taking advantage of Microsoft-subsidized housing will need their housing checklist and agreement. Of course, some would argue that Microsoft indirectly subsidizes almost all the housing in Seattle.

After NEO employees are free to spend the rest of the day as they wish, and need not report to their manager or mentor until the next morning.

I have no idea if Microsoft used this acronym before the release of The Matrix.

Near Earth Object - a body within the orbit of Mars. I learned this from a song by the same name on Thomas Dolby's The Gate to the Mind's Eye album; Fiorella Terenzi sings lead vocals on this song.

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