Goodbye Mr. Pink Floyd is an official live recording of the last Pink Floyd concert starring the late great Roger Waters. After the release of The Final Cut, a song dedicated to his father, he decided to leave the band after playing one last show. The album stands as one of the best live recordings ever, of any bands - all went into this.

 1. Radio Waves
 2. Welcome to the Machine
 3. Money
 4. In the Flesh
 5. Have a cigar
 6. Pigs
 7. Wish you were here
 8. Mother
 9. Final cut
10. If
11. The powers that be
12. Breathe in the Air
13. Brain Damage - Eclipse
14. Another brick in the wall Part 1
15. The happiest days of our lives
16. Another brick in the wall Part 2

Good luck finding it in stores, if you really want it /msg me.

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