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Fates Warning is an extremely talented progressive metal band. They are often compared to Dream Theater but have been around just as long and have their own unique sound.

Originally made up of John Arch (vocals), Victor Arduini (guitars), Joe DiBiase (bass), Jim Matheos (guitars), and Steve Zimmerman (drums). Released Night on Brocken (1984) and The Spectre Within (1985). Victor Arduini then left and was replaced by Frank Aresti for the album Awaken the Guardian (1986). The next album No Exit (1988) saw the departure of vocalist John Arch and the arrival of current front-man Ray Alder. No Exit contains the very long, amazing epic The Ivory Gate of Dreams. Steve Zimmerman then left, replaced by current drummer Mark Zonder. Subsequent albums have been Perfect Symmetry (1989), Parallels (1991), Inside out (1994), and Chasing Time (1995) (compilation). A Pleasant Shade of Gray (1997) sees the departure of Aresti and DiBiase, and contributions by former Dream Theater keyboardist Kevin Moore. In 1998 FW releases a dual CD live album called Still Life, and their most recent album Disconnected in 2000.

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