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Parallels is the sixth studio album by Fates Warning, released in 1991.

This is a moody album, dealing with dichotomies and relationship based differences. It places heavy emphasis on the pronouns "I" and "you." When "we" is used, it is usually in a lamenting tone - "We Only Say Goodbye" is the obvious example. The band attempted to achieve a more mainstream sound with this album, The Eleventh Hour and Point of View being prime examples.

The band lineup for this album consisted of:

Ray Alder - Vocals
Jim Matheos - Guitars
Frank Aresti - Guitars
Joe DiBiase - Bass
Mark Zonder - Drums and Percussion

James Labrie of Dream Theater sings backup vocals on Life In Still Water.


1. Leave The Past Behind
2. Life In Still Water
3. Eye To Eye
4. The Eleventh Hour
5. Point Of View
6. We Only Say Goodbye
7. Don't Follow Me
8. The Road Goes On Forever

credits : http://www.amazon.com

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