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On my way in to work today I saw a small hat on the sidewalk.

It was a small women's hat and was grey, probably made of wool. It appeared to be handmade, with a small silver heart pin on one side.

I did not pick it up, thinking it was- well maybe dirty, or might have been left behind and I suppose I thought if someone was looking for it, it was more likely it would be found right there, where it had fallen.

I was struck by how unique it was, and how sad the person who lost it might be, having misplaced it.

Walking home I saw it again, perched on a parking meter. It was salvaged by someone else. Someone who wanted to preserve it for either the rightful owner or thankfully, for the rest of us.

I want you all to know that for the first time since August 20, 2012 I am at peace. For the first time in five months I can say "I'm fine" and not be lying. Whatever happens, I will be fine with it. My wife has a difficult decision to make. Whichever way it goes, I will be OK. I am moving forward. With or without her.


am fine.


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