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As found in Jackie Chan's First Strike, the forementioned object was bought by Jackie in a hurry from two Ukranian lads before he (Chan) rushed off after Tsui, an international spy, on his snowmobile. Chan bought the hat because he was freezing his ass off, wearing only a pair of loose pants, a full-sleeve shirt, and an outer vest. Jackie paid an unknown sum of local money for the hat because he was in a hurry, but we do know that the hat was supposed to cost 40 Hryvnia (that's the currency for Ukraine, which equals US $21.51). Jackie just thrust a wad of cash at the boys and said, "Keep the change."

The hat was soft and white and was made to look like the head of a polar bear with protruding earflaps which caused Chan quite a lot of trouble when he had to answer his cellphone. Chan wore the hat through almost the entire snow sequence, including the part where he was eavesdropping on the spies. The white hat served as camoflauge when Chan hid in the snow outside the cabin. I will also insist that its chameleon-like features also saved Chan's life many times during the snowmobile ride from hell that followed. Unfortunately, Chan lost the hat near the end of the sequence in rather undramatic fashion, while being shot at.

The polar bear hat stands in the annals of history as one of the most devastating weapons of mass destruction. (I don't know why I said that, but it sounded like a fitting conclusion.)

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