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Note: I am in school so I write infrequently, just because of the tremendous amount of academic and social pressures around me. The stuff I DO write when I'm in school, I can't really afford to write, but I do it anyway. I try to be in the catbox and chat as much as I can, at least, so if you wanna get in touch with me, email, /msg, or find me in there.

Update! This is a blatant plug for my website: www.mediocreminds.com

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/me misses sensei
Rest In Peace, Hermetic

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So someone asked me Why I Write For E2. They thought it seemed like a waste of time. Well, here's what my answer was. The Internet is made possible by the people who go around and put up content on it. 90% of people who use the net are consumers, but not producers. I don't want to be a consumer only. E2 is a way I can add to knowledge and entertainment, meaningfully to the Internet. It makes good reading for me, and I hope I can provide the same for others.

My E2 Philosophy (a few have asked): I try not to downvote people's nodes, because I think most anything put up here is valid. I may be a minority who thinks a lot of so-called "GTKY" nodes are okay, and I say that because I think E2 should catalog not only cold, hard facts, but also the social/mental characteristics and thoughts of those who write for it. That's just my damn opinion. Oh, and I especially hate those who downvote lyrics. It's one thing to not like a song, and it's another to downvote something factual because you don't like it. E2 is as much a copy-and-paste project as it is coming up with original material. Remember the "Everything" in Everything2?

I know I'm in no position to "advise" anyone, but if anyone wants some, please don't be afraid of noding something you think others may not like. Make sure your writeup itself is good, but don't be AFRAID. What's the worst that could happen? 300 people you have never seen and will likely never see will laugh at you? So what if you don't get C!'ed every other writeup? Be bold enough to respect yourself for putting up meaningful content (and my definition of meaningful is pretty broad).