Once upon a time, Bentley Bear was rambling through the woods, daydreaming about poached salmon. He stopped to take a nap in his favorite hollow tree trunk. But when he awoke, he found himself inside a huge castle glittering with diamonds, emeralds, and pearls. Though Bentley didn't know it at the time, he was trapped in Crystal Castles, home of Berthilda the Witch and her evil cronies. To escape their spell, he must harvest the gems in the castles before Berthilda and her malicious gang send him into permanent hibernation. -- from the Crystal Castles game description

He's Bentley Bear, and he's the hero of the Crystal Castles video game from Atari. His mission is to collect gems that are worth points as well as to escape from and defeat his enemies, gem-seekers in their own right. These villains include birds, bees, trees, and an evil witch by the name of Berthilda who appears every fourth level. Magical hats grant Bentley invincibility, whereas honey pots are worth bonus points.

Given the timeframe of Bentley's debut he could have sparked a whole character licensing business that could have resulted in Bentley cartoons, breakfast cereals, and plush toys. Perhaps the unstable atmosphere of the gaming industry held him back, forcing him to stand in the background of the gaming giants Donkey Kong, Q-Bert, and Pac-Man as they invaded pop culture.

Bentley Bear: he's kicking ass and taking gems.

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