I believe people have confused this idea with a statement of fact.

The idea was first espoused by a long-hair by the name of Sage in the late 60s. After consuming a bowl of pot while watching Captain Kirk battle with a Gorn on TV the hippy got to thinking. Sage realised that like Kirk and the Gorn, warring peoples around the world were concentrating on the wrong thing. Just as Kirk and the Gorn should have worked together to turn their desert jail into an hospitible place for both of them to live, the people of earth at the time should have been working the land and making the world a better place. At least, he thought, they should stop trying to waste each other with napalm.

Sage passed out after uttering his immortal words, but his idea had been passed on and became on of the defining messages of the flower power movement.

Sage eventually became an investment banker, living life in the fast lane throughout the 80s until he lost it all in the crash of 87.

Sure there would.

It would just be a different kind of warfare.
People would get poisonous flowers and rub them in the face of said enemies.

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