The Young Black Teenagers were an all-white rap group in the early 90s, specializing in obvious irony and rhymes with varying degrees of humor. No, they aren't the Beasties... their skills aren't even close to 3rd Bass... and I think the House of Pain, never great artistes to begin with, whupped them silly just last week. But at least they'll beat out M.O.T. in a blind taste test.

Their self-titled and self-indulgent first album, one of hundreds to rip off the Meet the Beatles cover art, was produced by the Bomb Squad (of Public Enemy fame). The Allmusic guide calls this LP 'impressive' and gives it 4 and a half stars out of five, proving that there's no accounting for taste. The second (and last) album, Dead Enz Kidz Doin' Lifetime Bidz (note the 1337 spelling), featured the mind-deadening MTV anthem-of-the-minute in mid-1993, 'Tap the Bottle'. Then, mercifully, they jumped ship, presumably to pursue solo careers. I think that only one Young Black Teenager went on to enjoy any kind of success later; DJ Scribble, who spun the wheels for MTV's jiggleflesh escapades in the late 90s.

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