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The little bobcats have been up and down my street non-stop for days now. I just glanced out my window and it looks like they spilled a foot of dirty road snow onto my sidewalk. Which is just great. Apparently the pick-up trucks are incapable of plowing the snow in neighborhoods, so the bobcats are the only option. The shovel on the front can only reach so high unfortunately, and they appear to be running out of room to put their piles.

Tonight and tomorrow we're supposed to get another 10-20" on top of what is already here. The full 20" seems pretty unlikely, but if it were to happen that would be another week off school. It would be a disaster, already 25% of DC's snowplows are broken. It's getting pretty boring, not being in school and being unable to go anywhere.

On a more bizarre note, I had a dream last night that I was missing the right hemisphere of my brain. This was no doubt triggered by seeing a show on the discovery health channel that featured a girl that had the same problem. She seemed shockingly normal. In the dream I had a lot of trouble controlling my left side, couldn't tell the difference between a 'J' and a 'U', could barely recognize people or keep track of my location in space, and I often couldn't recognize objects, they'd look like a random assortment of shape and color that took a lot of effort to make sense out of. It amazes me how I can form these simulations while I'm asleep. Considering I also spontaneously compose music in my dreams, it makes me wonder why our brains reserve such genius for dreams if it will be largely forgotten.

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