Because you DEMANDED IT! A chart listing all the penalties by group, as according to the United States Fencing Association rulebook. AFAIK, this is *not* copyrighted and is intended for public distribution in order to raise public awareness about the sport of fencing.

Group One
First Offense: Yellow Card
Second Offense: Red Card
Third and Subsequent Offenses: Red Card

  • Clothing/equipment not working or not conforming, absence of second regulation weapon or bodycord
  • Simple corps a corps (F,S)
  • Corps a corps to avoid a touch*
  • Jostling, falling, disorderly fencing*; taking off mask before the Referee calls 'Halt'; undressing on the strip (falling is no longer a penalty as per the new USFA rules, effective 8/01/02)
  • Covering/substitution of valid target
  • Using the non-weapon arm or hand*
  • Reversing line of shoulders (F)*
  • Touching/taking hold of electrical equipment
  • Leaving strip without permission
  • Turning back on opponent*
  • Crossing the side of the strip to avoid beign touched
  • Delaying the bout
  • Bending, dragging weapon point on conductive strip (F,E)
  • Grounding the weapon on the lame (F)*
  • Deliberate touch not on opponent
  • Touch scored with the guard, any forward movement crossing the legs or feet (S)*
  • Refusal to obey the Referee
  • Fencer not presenting himself at the first call of the Referee during the competition
  • Unjustified appeal

Group Two
First Offense: Red Card
Second Offense: Red Card
Third and Subsequent Offenses: Red Card

  • Interruption of bout for claimed injury not confirmed by doctor
  • Absence of weapon inspection marks*
  • Dangerous, violent or vindictive action, blow with guard or pommel*

Group Three
First Offense: Red Card
Second Offense: Black Card (1)

  • Falsified weapon inspection marks, intentional modification of equipment*
  • Fencer disturbing order on the strip (4)
  • Dishonest fencing;* refusal to salute before the beginning of the bout (only one fencer)
  • Offence against publicity code

Group Four
First Offense: Warning (4)
Second Offense: Expulsion (3)

  • Any person not on the strip disturbing good order

Group Five
Winner: Annulment of touch scored
Loser: Suspension

  • Refusal of one fencer to salute the opponent after final touch scored

Group Six
Any offense: Loss of match

  • Changing the order of bouts in a team match, whether intentionally or unintentionally

Group Seven
First Offense: Black Card

  • Manifest cheating with equipment (2)
  • Refusal of a fencer to fence another competitor (individual or team) properly entered (6)
  • Non-presentation when called by the Referee at the start of the competition/round/direct elimination bout/match after three calls at one minute intervals (1)
  • Offense against sportsmanship (1) or (2)
  • Deliberate brutality (1), refusal of both fencers to salute: before the bout (1); after the final touch scored (5)
  • Profiting from collusion, favoring an opponent (1)
  • Doping (2)

* Annulment of any touch scored by the fencer at fault

Yellow Card = Warning (valid for bout, whether one or several encounters).
Red Card = Penalty touch.
Black Card = Exclusion or expulsion.

(F) Foil
(E) Epee
(S) Sabre

(1) Exclusion from competition.
(2) Exclusion from whole tournament.
(3) Expulsion from competition venue.
(4) In serious cases, Referee may exclude/expel immediately.
(5) Suspension for two competitions.
(6) Disqualification.

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