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Gruff Rhys : vocals, guitar
Rhodri Puw : guitar
Dewi Emlyn : bass
Dafydd Ieuan : drums

Ffa Coffi Pawb -- sometimes called FCP -- is a Welsh rock band. If you've never heard of them, that might serve as reference: FCP later on mutated into Super Furry Animals. Lead singer Gruff Rhys was born in Bethesda, North Wales, in 1970. His previous band (Emily) was briefly signed to Creation Records (who brought us My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain among other British indie rock monoliths)... after that band's split up, Gruff formed Ffa Coffi Pawb with three other musicians from different parts of Wales.

The name translates as "everybody's coffee beans", though it means something quite different phonetically... such as "everybody f*ck off". "You don't really want me to pronounce it on radio", Gruff once told presenter Jonathan Ross.

Ffa Coffi signed to Ankst -- home of the most interesting Welsh bands, such as Gorky's Zygotic Mynci -- and became one of the most popular band in Wales for some time. They released three albums - Clymhalio, Dalec Peilon and Hei Vidal!, as well as a a live tape - Angylion - with The Crumblowers. It was recorded at a Cardiff club in August 1988.

If you listen to their albums -- most notably Hei Vidal! -- you'll see they were more pop-rock oriented in their music, focusing on solid songwriting instead of using all that musical experimentation SFA fans are used to. Too bad they've split up after the release of this album.

After that, Gruff and drummer Daf went on to form the basis of SFA... Rhodri Puw replaced John Lawrence in Gorky's Zygotic Mynci... and bassist Dewi Emlyn is the tour manager for Gorky's and the Super Furries.

1991 - Clymhalio (Ankst Records)
1991 - Dalec Peilon (Ankst Records)
1992 - Hei Vidal! (Ankst Records)

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