Fictionary is a game that, at least to my knowledge, predates, but is often confused with, Balderdash. The only equipment it requires is a group of people {four or more is best,} some paper, a dictionary, and a writing utensil for each player. Use your favorite method of deciding whoever goes first. Whoever that is then searches the dictionary for an interesting word. When they find one, they should say the word aloud (but not it's definition) and if none of the other people in the group knows what the word means, then they all write it down on their paper. The searcher should write down the word along with it's true definition, while the other players write down the word and a made-up definition. (That's the "fiction" part, folks.) All of the definitions are then handed to the searcher who reads them aloud in no particular order. Once the definitions have all been read, the other players each vote on what they think is the true definition of the word. The searcher should record the number of votes for each possible defintion. Scoring is as follows: Everyone who correctly identified the dictionary definition gets one point. The authors of the fake definitions get one point for every vote they received (one point per person fooled, essentially.) Whenever you decide the game is over, the person with the most points wins. Like many other games, Fictionary is either better or worse when you're drunk, depending on your definition of better or worse.

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