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Down, boy, Down! Stop humping my beer!

The Fiffi Bar is a small, cozy bar in Cologne's south. As the name suggests, the main theme is dogs, and the walls are covered with pictures of weird looking small-ish mutts. There are even a couple of toy dachshounds behind the bar and the cocktails have names like "Poodle", "Bloody Mastiff". The whole atmosphere oscillates between camp and kitsch but you never feel like you're in some evil pink lair. There are a couple of solid beers on tap, the choice of tequilas is excellent for a bar 6000 km east of Mexico, and the selection of Single Malt Whiskeys doesn't leave anything to be desired.

The punters are a pretty heterogenous bunch, varying between flamingly camp drag queens and their associates to the more moderate representatives of Cologne's vast gay community, but there's also always a large bunch of bog standard students and drinkers.

The music is pretty good with acid jazz, lounge and ambient sounds coming out of the well placed speakers. On Sundays DJ aspossible plays seventies Hammond Organ stuff. Prices are moderate and the barstaff is friendly, chatty and knowledgeable.

All in all a great place to go after ca 23:00 and certainly worth to stay for a couple of hours with your friends to chat, drink and soak up the atmosphere.

50677 Köln-Südstadt, Rolandstr. 99
Tel.: 0221-3406211
Website: http://www.fiffi-bar.de

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