Scientific name: Balaenoptera physalus

Distinctive features: The Fin Whale is the second largest whale. They have a grey/white chevron on the head. The right side of the jaw and the baleen are white, and the left side is darker. They have 262-473 baleen plates, about 70cm. It has about 56-100 pleats.

Size: Fin Whales at birth are 6.5 meters long. They average 20 meters as adults, and the females are slightly larger. The largest recorded is 27 meters.

Distribution: They are found in all oceans, in solitary groups of approximately 10. Fin Whales avoid shallow coastal water.

Reproduction: There is an 11 month gestation, they are then weaned in 7 months. Fin Whales give birth every 2-3 years.

Diet: Small crustaceans, pelagic schooling fish, herring, and squid.

My own tediously handwritten Marine Bio Whale Notes.

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