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Arcade game emulator from Dave (Dayvee).

It emulates the SEGA hardware used in Afterburner, Powerdrift, Thunderblade and last but not least Galaxy Force, which is really a great achievement.

Without the hydraulic cabinets, much of the appeal is lost, though.

Later, he added Capcom CPS-1 support

Finalburn was also the first emulator that could play cps2shock- decrypted CPS-2 games (roms).

From that moment on, the interest in FinalBurn skyrocketed. The author was harassed by jerks. He then stopped development. Other good CPS-2 emulators appeared: Calice, Nebula and a bit later, good old MAME could do it too.

Dave later open-sourced Finalburn. As a result, projects like FinalBurn Alpha started, focussing only on CPS-2 games.

  • http://www.finalburn.com (Dave's site, latest official version, includes SEGA support)
  • http://cp-systems2turbo.emuunlim.com (FinalBurn Alpha, better CPS-2 support, no SEGA games )

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