The application for exploring the file system in MacOS. Usually, when people say "go to the finder," they mean "go to the desktop." In Mac OS X, the difference is made a bit more clear, as you don't have to go to the desktop to get to the finder to browse the file system.

The Finders are now mainly forgotten. They were hunters. And trackers. And more. They lived secret lives. ... It was the way of the Finder to help his people by standing apart from them. Seeing them as only an outsider can.

Finder is a fantasy/science fiction comic series that is written and drawn by Carla Speed McNeil. The first issue was published in November 1996, and the series continues to published bimonthly. It's published by the small company Lightspeed Press(

Jaeger Ayers is an odd man, who never stays in the domed cities that have no stars or clouds for very long. He lives on what he can get from trading, and from his friends while never asking for more than he needs. He's also part of the mysterious organization named Finders that have a code of conduct that they must follow. However, he's also a Sin-Eater, a person that takes on all the sins of a dying person and gets punished for them.

The world isn't the best for a wanderer like himself. It also doesn't help that he's a half-breed in a world which contains people of clans. Clans contain people that have very strong resemblances to each other and similar mental patterns. The cities filled with people also don't suit him, but the links he has to some people matter too much to him.

We travel mainly through Jaeger's viewpoint as McNeil shows us this dense futuristic world. Every graphic novel contains a storyline, as well as a dense amount of footnotes by McNeil in the back. The world contained in her stories is quite interesting and it is easy to forget about the main plotline as we become engaged in all of the background contained within.

"Snap the spear and break the bow asunder... Can't take pay, that makes you an executioner... or worse."

In Sin-Eater, we meet Jaeger and the family of his ex-drill seargent in the war. Emma, Rachel, Lynee, and Marcie Grosvenor are all important people to Jaeger and they have a problem. Jaeger's old army buddy and Emma's ex-husband is looking for them ever since he got out of jail. And he might be a bit loose in the head...

"War is one of those famous ties that bind, my peregrin. Better to be hated, than to be of no consequence at all."
-Chief Coward

In the King of the Cats, Jaeger goes on one of his trips away from Anvard, the city in which Emma and family live in. He comes upon an oddity in the middle of nowhere. It's like some sort of weird religious monument, but they call it... Munkyland? Also, the tribes of the lion-like Nyima and tribal Ascians are meeting here to make a peace treaty, but the king of the Nyima has passed away. Jaeger just has to insure, as the self-declared ambassador between the two, that neither side takes advantage of the others weakness.

"So I had him read me more of it every chance I go. Oh, I preyed on that man. And the book was huge. Other storybooks were over so soon... far, far too soon, alway. He never came to the end. It was heaven."
-Marcie Grosvenor

In Talisman, we focus on Marcie Grosvenor and her search as a child to a teenager as she searches for a book. A book from her childhood that always excited her, and was lost to her.

"What makes Elsewhere unique is that it all comes through. All the senses, with no weird dropouts or artifacts. ... You're there."

In Dream Sequence, the virtual reality that exists is further explored. Magri White has an entire world in his head. He sells the world, so that other people can access it. When people get fed up, they just go Elsewhere. But now there's a demon running around inside Elsewhere, hurting people.

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"Ah, now that's what I like about you, Bal.
You don't listen."

Find"er (?), n.

One who, or that which, finds; specifically (Astron.), a small telescope of low power and large field of view, attached to a larger telescope, for the purpose of finding an object more readily.


© Webster 1913

Find"er, n. (Micros.)

A slide ruled in squares, so as to assist in locating particular points in the field of vision.


© Webster 1913

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