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No, this is different from flipping the finger, this is a skateboarding trick of intermediate difficulty. There are two ways to do this, either off a jump or using a boneless to get the height (the latter method can be done stationary or rolling).

For the first method, simply go off a halfpipe/quarterpipe or jump, reach down and with your hand (or with one finger for more style) and flip the board as if doing a kickflip. Catch the board and ride the transition or hit the ground.

For the latter method, first learn to get a fair bit of height with the boneless. Once this is acheived it is a simple trick. As you jump and begin to raise your front foot (as you do in a boneless) pull your back foot off and flip the board (like a kickflip) with your hand, catch it and land. A rolling fingerflip is simply a moving version, a bit harder as you land moving.

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