A Scottish/Brit way of saying "Up Your Kilt" or more colloquially "UP YOURS!!" with a hand gesture made of the index and middle finger thrust in the air like what Captain Spock would do if he were more human.

Comparably similar to flipping the bird as a related unspoken swear word

  • (revised to include the UK which Scots claim no part of)
  • Scottish? I thought it was pan-British Isles, as i was exposed to it in the south of England. Like a reversed American "peace" or "victory" V, with the back of the hand forward. The historical origin of this was English archers taunting their French foes (who would apparently cut off these fingers on captives to make them useless as archers). At least, that's how i've heard the story.

    If you happen to be in England (or Scotland, i guess) and you want to answer two to "How many more exams do you have?" or "You have how many lovers?", remember to put your palm forward, not the back of your hand. Well, for the latter, either might be appropriate (your call).

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