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A classic board game from the 1980s. The object was to collect the jewel and reach the dock with it before the other players (up to 4). The game board was 3D, shaped and colored like a jungle island, and the centerpiece of the board was the idol Vul-Kar. A fireball (red marble) rested in his mouth and when you landed on a fireball space or drew a fireball card, the opponent would turn Vul-Kar towards your gamepiece and tap the marble (or one of the other four marbles on the island), sending it hurtling towards you. If the marble hit you or the bridge you were standing on, you had to go back to a smoldering pit space and lose a turn.

As the game begins, players take turns rolling the die and moving along the trails toward the jewel in the center of the gameboard (next to Vul-Kar). The first player to reach the jewel captures it, then heads toward the dock with it. All other players race after the player who owns the jewel, trying to steal it (which is done by landing on the same space as the opponent). Throughout the game, players play cards either to help themselves, or to slow their opponents’ progress. On the way to the dock, ownership of the jewel will probably change several times. The player who reaches the dock with the jewel wins the game.

Types Of Cards (actions mostly self explanatory)

  • Fireball
  • Take Another Turn
  • Reroll Die
  • Magic Talisman Stops Fireball
  • Fake Jewel (prevents opponent from stealing the jewel from you)
  • Cancel Any Card Except Fireball Card
  • Take 1 Card From Opponent
  • Move Ahead 2/4/6 Spaces
  • Move Opponent Back 1/2/3 Spaces
  • Double The Next Die Roll

Compiled from memories of the game and http://www.gameroom.com/gamebits/RULES/213_Fireball_Island_Rules.html

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