"I believe that 90% of white-collar jobs in the US will be either destroyed or altered beyond recognition in the next 10 to 15 years," wrote Tom Peters

In his article "What will we do for work?" in Time magazine datelined May 22, 2000, Tom Peters postulated the following five forces would affect this change.

  1. Competition as in the destructive nature of its current flavor, dotcoms.
  2. Enterprise Software, such as SAP applications in the guise of nightmarish "white-collar robots".
  3. Outsourcing work making countries such as India performing backroom white-collar jobs for western companies.
  4. The Web hooking up B2B e-commerce squeezing out the middlemen between suppliers and buyers.
  5. Time Compression, what used to take 40 years, now took 4 years, such as getting The Web to almost every home.

"But [Dilbert]'s a hapless victim too. Damned if I'm going to be." Tom Peters ended his article with.

After http://www.timeasia.com/

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