The Sphere of Forces in Mage: the Ascension is the one with the most possible destructive capacities, for it governs the capacity to manipulate energy as is understood by man. Electrical, thermonuclear, hot, cold, gravitational, light, dark, sound, silence, anything that the mage's paradigm will accept as a force capable of being manipulated can be altered with an appropriate level of knowledge in this Sphere. However, because Sleepers aren't likely to accept off-handedly the possibility of people throwing gigantic fireballs at a cat in Times Square, it also tends to be the one with the greatest potential for Paradox.

With an introduction to the capacity of Forces, a mage can have x-ray vision and blow out the fuses of a rival's main computer archive, while masters can use gigantic magnifying glasses mounted in their "Death Star" to focus the power of the sun into a "laser", and charge enough energy into alarm clocks that they become atomic weapons ready to blow apart. Paradox ho!

The Order of Hermes holds the strongest masters of this Sphere.

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