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A district in Manhattan named after the Flatiron Building. It is centered around the building, located at the diagonal crossing of Broadway and Fifth Avenue. The district encompasses the Metropolitan Life Insurance Building, Madison Square Garden, and of course, the Flatiron Building. It is bounded by Chelsea to the West, Gramercy to the East, and Greenwich Village to the South.

The district is a mix of residential and businesses and is usually busy yet peaceful. Its above-average food and restaurant selection makes it the closest place for me to get a good, quick lunch (since I work in Chelsea). Madison Square Park sits directly North of the building and is a wonderful place to have lunch if the weather is good.

Subway lines servicing the area: NR (Yellow Line) near the Flatiron Building and Park, NR FBDQ (Orange Line) at the Northwestern corner near MSG.

Flat"i`ron (?), n.

An iron with a flat, smooth surface for ironing clothes.


© Webster 1913.

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