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A brand of greeting cards and stationery. There is more than one line, though all are fairly romantic. My favorite stuff is marked by the use of Pre-Raphaelite paintings, collaged with Victorian decorative motifs, flowers, old postcards, photographs of romantic ruins, and so on, in lovely blended colors, with Latin words and phrases appropriate to the subject (amore, vita). Very distinctive; I have not failed to receive appreciation any time I give Flavia cards. Their site is www.flavia.com, and no, they're not paying me. I just have a thing for girly stationery.

Flavia is a world leading provider of single serve hot drink systems for large and small offices. (http://www.flavia.net)

This is not an advertisement for the company - I have one of these babies in my office, and it's pretty nice! The water and power is connected to the machine, all you do is snap in a one time package of coffee (which has been sealed, free from oxygen, and has a built in filter), and out comes out the freshest coffee I've had from a single serve system (brewed in under 30 seconds!). The package is then automatically disposed in a container, and the machine will notify you when it's full.

There is a variety of freshly brewed coffee, real leaf tea, and European hot cocoa, combining a commercial-scale beverage selection with a personal, made-to-order brewing system. You can even make espresso style coffee out of the same grinds.

Overall, it's the most easiest hot drink system (oh, and very small, not like a vending machine - the size of a microwave), which is required for most American offices.

(key word idiotproof)

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