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A villain published by DC Comics. The Floronic Man first appeared in The Atom #1 in 1961.

The being named Woodrue was a rarity in his home dimension, a career criminal. Originally from the dimension inhabited by sprites, dryads, and other creatures of nature, Woodrue was captured and sentenced to be sent to Earth with no means of return. Believing that this banishment would kill Woodrue, the authorities in his home dimension sent him here, but Woodrue survived.

Woodrue was able to pass for human and adopted the identity of Jason Woodrue. He then used his knowledge of plants to create a means of controlling the native flora, using the plants to aid in his criminal activities. Eventually, Woodrue, who now called himself the Floronic Man decided to take over the United States by means of his plant control. He was opposed by Ray Palmer in his guise as the Silver Age hero, the Atom. The Atom defeated Woodrue and the villain was imprisoned.

After his release, Woodrue kept a low profile, working on a formula to convert animal life into plant life. After years of research, Woodrue succeeded in his plan and took the formula himself, becoming a real Floronic Man. After this change, Woodrue began to use a substance that when sprayed on, appeared as human skin. This allowed him to look human to the casual observer. This change increased Woodrue's affinity for plants and he again used his control of them to attack others, this time opposed by the Green Lantern. Again, Woodrue was defeated and imprisoned.

Woodrue did not serve his entire sentence, but instead was released through the efforts of the Sunderland Corporation. The head of the corporation had often clashed with the tragic hero known as the Swamp Thing and had the Swamp Thing's body in a freezer in one of their buildings, the hero having been shot in the head by one of Sunderland's operatives. Woodrue was hired to analyze the body and come to an understanding of what had happened to create the Swamp Thing.

Woodrue did just that, finding that the Swamp Thing was actually a plant that had used the body of scientist Alec Holland as a template for its life. When the Swamp Thing awoke, the knowledge of what he had become drove him to despair and he became catatonic after killing Sunderland. Woodrue took advantage of this situation to use fruit sprouted from the body of the Swamp Thing to connect himself with the world wide network of plants called the Green. This act drove Woodrue insane, and he began to use the plants worldwide in an attempt to destroy all animal life. He was opposed by the Swamp Thing and defeated, losing his connection to the Green. He was taken into custody by the Justice League and imprisoned at Arkham Asylum.

The Floronic Man was next seen as part of the Millennium event. The Guardians of the Universe, the creatures who are responsible for the Green Lantern Corps, came to Earth to assist humans in the next step in their evolution. Taking people from across the world representative of all parts of humanity, the Guardians helped them to achieve their next evolutionary step. Among those chosen was Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man. He became part of the group and worked with these humans, the New Guardians, for a time. Eventually, it was discovered that they were not in fact the next evolutionary step, but instead were created to help nurture those new creatures. Soon after this discovery, Woodrue decided to return to his home dimension.

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