a cocktail. i had this one last night upon recommendation, by a river with golden paddleboats (they seemed even more gleaming & rutilant against the yellowness of the drink). the colour of the cocktail looks so pleasant & soft against my other favourite cocktail - the iced vovo.

p.s. fluffy ducks taste like cake. i am not kidding. it even seems as though you can feel the texture of cake. i felt like violet beauregarde chomping on willy wonka's fantastical meal gum. except that i didn't turn into a giant blueberry. (or a fluffy duck).

  • 1 part white rum
  • 1 part advocaat
  • lemonade
  • double creme de cacao
  • strawberry
1/4 fill the glass with crushed ice, making sure the glass is cold so that the ice does not melt too much. pour the creme de cacao over the ice, followed by the advocaat. slowly add the soda, but be careful because it can fizz up over the glass. now stir.

there are several variations to this cocktail recipe but this one seems to be quite the unanimous favourite.

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