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The Ford XA Falcon was in production from 1972 to 1973, and was the first Australian Falcon that was engineered specifically for an Australian market, Ford having made the decision to drop the Falcon from their U.S. line up in 1968, finally ending production in 1970.

Ford's Australian subsidiery was deemed to small to design and construct the car on it's own, so Australian designers and executives flew to the U.S. to work with the American Dearborn designers. Initially, a car adapted from Ford's Torino/Fairline model (ie. same design, with a smaller wheelbase and shorter front and rear overhangs) was suggested by the Americans, but the Australian designers felt that this would not work well, and came up with a new design.* In October 1968 the Australian designers had finished work on the car - the success of which granted Ford Australia to build itself a design centre.

The car was available in sedan, coupe, station wagon, panel van and ute models, all of them having three different styles (except (I think) for the station wagon, which was unavailable as a GT); the Falcon 500 (around $3,500 AUS), the Fairmont (around $4,000), and the GT (Around $5,000). Engines ranged from a six cylinder 250ci to the V8 302ci Cleveland amd the V8 351ci Cleveland (yum). Nowadays, you should be able to find an XA in decent condition for about $2,000 - $3,000 in Australia, and there are many internet sites who can import to the rest of the world. Transmissions were C4 automatics, FMX automatics or a four speed manual transmission. A nine inch differential was pretty much standard on all models.

The XA was used in Australia by the police and by various taxi firms. Both have continued to use Fords as fleet cars. An XA Sedan appeared in the movie Mad Max as March Hare; one of the yellow interceptors. See Cars in Mad Max.

*Although the XA does look similiar to the Torino, it is a totally different design.

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