Many people are very confused by the very concept of forgiveness.

Many people are taught, somehow, that forgiveness means somehow admitting responsibility for the wrong done for them, or in some way dismissing the hurt done to them.

Those who live in a state without forgiveness usually go around hating people, holding injuries agaisnt them. The upshot of which is that somebody's hurt you, and you go around hating them and destroying yourself in the process while they live free.

Vengeance, for the most part, is highly over-rated, and generally doesn't yield the expected degree of satisfaction. And certainly doesn't cure your ulcers.

Forgiveness, on the other hand, basically gives up judgement on the offender. It doesn't mean forgetting...none of us are truly capable of that, at least not without a great deal of time.

It's a tough thing. Letting go always is. But walking around being hurt isn't hurting the other person very much (unless they're a friend or loved one), whereas Forgiveness is something of a gift. And gifts of that sort are increasingly rare in this world...

For*giv"ing, a.

Disposed to forgive; inclined to overlook offenses; mild; merciful; compassionate; placable; as, a forgiving temper.

-- For*giv"ing*ly, adv. -- For*giv"ing*ness, n.

J. C. Shairp.


© Webster 1913.

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